Presenter Praise

James Schroeder, Professional Sound Engineer

“I have done over 5000 shows in my career, including many with Linda Ronstadt, and I was blown away by the Ronstadt Revue. The look and the sound of the show was amazing. The musicians obviously cared about recreating a “Linda Ronstadt” experience. As people left the show I heard many say the same thing: “Not only does she look like Linda, but she sounds like her too!” I would recommend this show for Linda fans, and those who are only now discovering her great music.”

Claudia de Vasco, Managing Director, Miller Theatre Advisory Board, Houston, TX

“We opened our season at Miller Outdoor Theatre with Ronstadt Revue Featuring Gesenia, and I’m so happy we did! Not only is the group fiercely talented, but they were also a joy to work with. It’s been a couple of weeks, and we still have patrons talking about how great the show was, and raving about Gesenia’s voice, not just at interpreting Linda’s music, but as a formidable talent in her own right. I couldn’t have asked for a better start to the year!”

Risa Miller, Artistic Director, The Brauntex Theatre, New Braunfels, TX

“Last night’s performance was nothing short of extraordinary! Gesenia and her Ronstadt Revue: The Ultimate Celebration of Linda Ronstadt took us on a nostalgic journey through the timeless hits of Linda Ronstadt, captivating every soul in the audience! From the moment they took the stage, Gesenia’s powerhouse vocals transported us back in time, delivering spot-on renditions of classics like “You’re No Good,” “Blue Bayou,” and “Different Drum.” Every note was filled with passion and reverence for the legendary artist. But the magic didn’t stop there! We were honored to have the incomparable John Beland join the stage as our Special Guest. As Linda Ronstadt’s former band director and a country-rock icon in his own right, his presence added an extra layer of authenticity and charm to the evening.”

Kishla Hackler, Executive Director, Granbury Live, Granbury, TX

“The Ronstadt Revue is one of the best tribute bands we have at our theater! They are so professional and easy to work with. The band is amazing but Gesenia (Linda Ronstadt) will blow you away! Her voice and her stage presence is Linda Ronstadt to a Tee! One of the most spot on, entertaining tribute bands you will ever see.”

Scott Hart, Manager and Programming Director, Sieminski Theater, Basking Ridge, NJ

“We hosted the Ronstadt Revue this past weekend and what a hit they were! Our sold-out house of patrons loved the show and gave a much-deserved standing ovation at the end. Many commented on how they were the best band we have hosted here yet! On a personal note, the entire band was extremally professional and so very easy to work with. We look forward to hosting them again in the future!”

Sueann Townsend, Executive Director, Fort Hill Performing Arts Center, Canandaigua, NY

“The Ronstadt Revue featuring Gesenia definitely delivers. Great musicians, and a charming lead singer with the look and voice of Linda Ronstadt in her prime. An undeniable audience pleaser.”

Ralph Meranto, Arts Director, JCC of Greater Rochester, Rochester, NY

“Gesenia and the Ronstadt Revue were definitely a major highlight of our summer concert series. One of our biggest selling shows this summer and audiences were raving about it for weeks afterward. You cannot do better than hiring this band for your venue!”

Joseph R. Yow, Director, Central Lakes Community Performing Arts Center, Brainerd, MN

“The Ronstadt Revue was a fantastic experience! The band was great to work with, the music was spectacular, and our audience loved it. I heard so many people commenting on how this show brought back a flood of memories of listening to Linda Ronstadt for the first time. Looking forward to bringing them out again in the future.”

Nancy Liebert, Eagles Mere Friends of the Arts, Eagles Mere, PA

“Not just the best concert I’ve ever experienced in Eagles Mere, but the best I’ve ever experienced anywhere!”

Harriet Power, Eagles Mere Friends of the Arts, Eagles Mere, PA

“Ronstadt Revue brought two hours of nonstop joy to our venue and community. Gesenia’s gorgeous voice and personal warmth come from the soul, and her love of Linda Ronstadt infuses every note. Her six musicians are superb — clearly savoring the music, the crowd, and each other. We leapt to our feet to dance during the up-tempo numbers and sat mesmerized by the ballads. ‘Best concert I’ve heard here’ was a constant post-show refrain.”

Stan Lowery, Don Gibson Theatre, Shelby, NC

“Thank you for bringing this fantastic show to us. It was like Linda was right here with us. It brought back the best of times. The musicians are so talented and the vocals were spot on.”

Chad Hilligus, Chief Executive Officer, Gallo Center for the Arts, Modesto, CA

“The show was fantastic! Gesenia is spot on with Ronstadt’s iconic sound and the band is top notch. The audience absolutely loved it and begged me to bring them back again.”

Chris Carter, Executive Director, Bankhead Theater, Livermore, CA

“Our crowd LOVED this show. Gesenia does an incredible tribute to Linda Ronstadt and the band sounded great. The nostalgia vibe was off the charts. We can’t wait to bring them back.”

Laurence Abbate, Tower Theatre, Fresno, CA

“An unforgettable celebration of Linda Ronstadt’s multi-genre career!”

Sharon Brass, Producer The Barnhill Center at Historic Simon Theatre, Brenham, TX

“It’s a jaw-dropping experience to hear Gesenia sing. She is so authentic to Ronstadt’s recordings, you can hardly believe your ears. The instrumentals and background vocals are equally as impressive and our audience was super excited by this show. The band is a sweet bunch of people and delightful to work with. Overall, it was one of my all-time favorite shows and it was a joy to host them.”

Lou Reichert, Music Coordinator, The Lizzie Rose Music Room, Tuckerton, NJ

“We were totally blown away by The Ronstadt Revue. Gesenia embodied Linda and eyes closed it sounded and felt like Linda. The band was tight and on cue with every song. Our audience was past pleased with their performance. The Ronstadt Revue has been here three times, each time a complete sellout. We look forward to their return.”

Lindsay Pasquantino, Venue Manager & Artist Relations, The Riviera Theatre, N. Tonawanda, NY

“Gesenia as Linda has an incredible voice that is powerful enough to duplicate all of the greatest hits! She and her band have a tremendous stage presence as well, and really interact with their fans. The Ronstadt Revue was an absolute pleasure to work with, and we very much look forward to their return!”

Julie Malewski, Events Director & Media Coordinator, Town of Bethany Beach, DE

“I hired Ronstadt Revue as part of our 2019 Summer Concerts Series, and the repeated response from the capacity crowd was “fabulous show!” Gesenia not only has the look, tone, and vocal strength of Linda Ronstadt, but she was also wonderful to work with from day one. She and her fellow musicians are dedicated to recreating the Ronstadt experience down to the harmonies and multi-genre set list. I highly recommend them!”

Dawn Slade, General Manager, Sellersville Theater, Sellersville, PA

“Gesenia’s voice …. her band…..the choice of songs ….. the audience was wowed and I was too.”

Ed Simpson, Co-Owner, Steel City Coffeehouse & Brewery, Phoenixville, PA

“What an amazing night! If I didn’t know better, I would have thought Linda Ronstadt herself was performing. Gesenia and the band sounded incredible and the audience was enthralled throughout the entire evening. We can’t wait to bring the Revue back for another show!”

Max Rodio, Executive Director, Kathedral Event Center, Hammonton, NJ

“The Ronstadt Revue was a pleasure to work with, and our audience thoroughly enjoyed their performance. They’re truly a class act!”

Rocky Salperto, Festival Promoter, Town of Orange, CT

“I have been running our event in New Haven County for ten years now and we have had some of the top bands from the US & Canada. I have never seen such a crowd reaction as we had with The Ronstadt Revue. The band is tight and their harmonies are spot on. Gesenia is a star in the making. Crowd couldn’t get enough. Highly Recommended!”

Raymond Lavey, Chairman, Music and Entertainment, Bristol 4th of July Committee, Bristol, RI

“Your show was more than anyone expected. On a scale of 1 to 10 your dedication and obvious devotion to Linda Ronstadt’s material was 10 out of 10. You and your band “covered” Linda’s actual recordings perfectly, yet displayed your own individuality and interpretation of her music. Your stage performance make your show worthy of Concerts and Corporate Functions anywhere and will please audiences of all ages and compositions.”

Jesse Lundy, Concert Promoter, Point Entertainment, Bryn Mawr, PA

“I’ve worked with the Ronstadt Revue three times in the first year the act existed. All these shows were first-rate and performed very well. The band is made up of top-tier musicians, and Gesenia does the best ‘Linda’ I’ve seen anyone BUT Linda do. With a market flooded with tribute acts, the Ronstadt Revue is unique, motivated to sell tickets and easy to work with.”

Andrew Smith, Principal, Newtown Theatre, Newtown, PA

“We loved working with Gesenia and her entire band! Professional and friendly from first contact to load-out, they all truly cared about putting on a quality show that honored Linda Ronstadt’s music. They also did a great job of helping us promote the show, something not every band does. On the night of the concert, Gesenia had the audience tapping their toes, clapping, and singing along with her. You can tell the difference between polite clapping and an audience that is truly being carried away by a performance – that was the case at our theatre. This band is sure to be a hit in any venue. “

Chelsea Jones, Manager, Wicomico Civic Center, Salisbury, MD

“We had an excellent experience working with Gesenia and Ronstadt Revue! They were easy to work with and also put on an impressive show that garnered a standing ovation from our audience. Our community was excited about the show, with ticket sales above expectations for our event at the Wicomico Civic Center. Attendees were stunned by how similar Gesenia was to Linda and also enjoyed the beautiful elements the band brought to the show.”

Gary Frangione, Programming Chair, Brook Arts Center, Bound Brook, NJ

“An amazing night of music of Linda Ronstadt performed by the Ronstadt Revue featuring Gesenia. All the hits, bringing back memories and bringing the house down. Many thanks and rock on!”

Nancy Langley, Events Director, Heritage Hunt, Gainesville, VA

“I hope you all had a pleasant night. If tonight’s performance is anything like last night – wow! You all were great. Please thank the whole group for a wonderful evening of fun and beautiful music. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Ray Mamrak & Kaycee Rea Z, The Landis Theater, Vineland, NJ

“The Ronstadt Revue featuring Gesenia blew us away this past weekend, truly honoring the music of Linda Ronstadt! They are incredible!”

Joni Jaglowski, Theater Manager, Brook Arts Center, Bound Brook, NJ

“What an incredible night! This amazing group of professional musicians are truly dedicated to bringing the music of Linda Ronstadt to the stage!  Gesenia’s voice and stage presence definitely embodied the spirit of Linda Ronstadt! The audience was impressed with their ability to faithfully recaptures the thrill that generations of Ronstadt fans remember. The band was a delight to work with, extremely professional and We look forward to their return!”

Audience Praise

David S.

“10/10 Performance. Incredibly captivating vocals, with a skillful array of band members performing at peak levels. My wife and I came out to Sellersville Theater with hopes to see a solid performance – all I have to say is, “expectations exceeded”. This was hands down one of the best live music performances we’ve seen in the last several years. Stellar sound quality, brilliant vocals, and a variety of fun personalities across the band. The show ended with multiple standing ovations; what more do you need to know? Go see this band!”

Chris K.

“The concert was absolutely wonderful – so full of joy and brilliance… and fabulous musicians! [There is such] pure emotional power of hearing all of these songs performed thrillingly live. These are decades of our lives sparkling across the stage and in our hearts. A careful tribute but also strong magic in its own right.”

David M.

“My wife and I have seen a lot of live music … you guys crushed everything we’ve seen over the past 2 years. It’s hard to describe, it was almost too good to dance to — like when you listen to music that is of such high quality that you get goose bumps and you don’t want it to end. That was the experience we both had; the last time I’ve heard something that good was when I saw John Mayer live.”

Ken U.

“We had a blast! The band totally cooked and the singer is outrageous! The number of dimensions of [Linda Ronstadt’s] music that you captured, from pop to Latin to Nelson Riddle, all with affection and grace was astounding!”

Dave J.

“Gesenia’s voice was jaw-dropping… A group of people out in the parking lot couldn’t stop talking about how good it was right after the show. My wife and I hadn’t even really heard much Linda Ronstadt and we were just blown away.”

Denny F.

“Amazing! Gesenia is fantastic and the harmonies were perfect. Flawless performances from the entire band. Will definitely try to see you all again.”

Lyn T.

“Terrific fun concert. You ALL really captured the Ronstadt sound in every way and every genre. Had a wonderful evening!”

Shelley G.

“It was an amazing concert! Everything was phenomenal! I’m so glad we came out to hear you.”

Kate C.

“It was a great show. Exciting and satisfying!”

Dana A.

“It was so much fun…the band is fantastic and the vocals were tops!!”

Eugene H.

“Wonderful tribute for certain. Great musical experience!”

Stacia F.

“Loved it — especially when Gesenia sang in Spanish!”

Sally F.

“Great show! We had a blast!”

Patty R.

“That was one unbelievable fantastic show. I expected to like it but was surprised by how much I really liked it!”

Janet W.

“We had a great time! The band and Gesenia (what a beautiful voice!) were wonderful – and so much fun. Many thanks for a great performance!”

Maralin B.

“Gesenia’s voice is so fluid and powerful, and watching her give her usual 120%, up close, is a remarkable experience.”

Gene R.

“What a fabulous night! What an outstanding group of musicians! Each one, so gifted! What a truly talented and energetic vocalist — Gesenia! We loved every minute of your Ronstadt Revue! Thank you!”

Tom P.

“It was a great show!!! That Gesenia can belt out some tunes. Awesome band — one of the best tribute bands out there. And I have seen a bunch!”

Wayne E.

“This is a first-class act covering the music of a real class-act. Truly impressive in every possible way.”

Cindy P.

“All I can say is that the entire evening was magical!”

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