Here is a wonderful piece about the band from the Broad Street Review (Philadelphia) written by Anndee Hochman, Illustration by Hannah Kaplan.

David S.

“10/10 Performance. Incredibly captivating vocals, with a skillful array of band members performing at peak levels. My wife and I came out to Sellersville Theater with hopes to see a solid performance – all I have to say is, “expectations exceeded”. This was hands down one of the best live music performances we’ve seen in the last several years. Stellar sound quality, brilliant vocals, and a variety of fun personalities across the band. The show ended with multiple standing ovations; what more do you need to know? Go see this band!”

Chris K.

“The concert was absolutely wonderful – so full of joy and brilliance… and fabulous musicians! [There is such] pure emotional power of hearing all of these songs performed thrillingly live. These are decades of our lives sparkling across the stage and in our hearts. A careful tribute but also strong magic in its own right.”

David M.

“My wife and I have seen a lot of live music … you guys crushed everything we’ve seen over the past 2 years. It’s hard to describe, it was almost too good to dance to — like when you listen to music that is of such high quality that you get goose bumps and you don’t want it to end. That was the experience we both had; the last time I’ve heard something that good was when I saw John Mayer live.”

Ken U.

“We had a blast! The band totally cooked and the singer is outrageous! The number of dimensions of [Linda Ronstadt’s] music that you captured, from pop to Latin to Nelson Riddle, all with affection and grace was astounding!”

Dave J.

“Gesenia’s voice was jaw-dropping… A group of people out in the parking lot couldn’t stop talking about how good it was right after the show. My wife and I hadn’t even really heard much Linda Ronstadt and we were just blown away.”

Denny F.

“Amazing! Gesenia is fantastic and the harmonies were perfect. Flawless performances from the entire band. Will definitely try to see you all again.”

Lyn T.

“Terrific fun concert. You ALL really captured the Ronstadt sound in every way and every genre. Had a wonderful evening!”

Shelley G.

“It was an amazing concert! Everything was phenomenal! I’m so glad we came out to hear you.”

Kate C.

“It was a great show. Exciting and satisfying!”

Dana A.

“It was so much fun…the band is fantastic and the vocals were tops!!”

Eugene H.

“Wonderful tribute for certain. Great musical experience!”

Stacia F.

“Loved it — especially when Gesenia sang in Spanish!”

Sally F.

“Great show! We had a blast!”

Patty R.

“That was one unbelievable fantastic show. I expected to like it but was surprised by how much I really liked it!”

Janet W.

“We had a great time! The band and Gesenia (what a beautiful voice!) were wonderful – and so much fun. Many thanks for a great performance!”

Maralin B.

“Gesenia’s voice is so fluid and powerful, and watching her give her usual 120%, up close, is a remarkable experience.”

Gene R.

“What a fabulous night! What an outstanding group of musicians! Each one, so gifted! What a truly talented and energetic vocalist — Gesenia! We loved every minute of your Ronstadt Revue! Thank you!”

Tom P.

“It was a great show!!! That Gesenia can belt out some tunes. Awesome band — one of the best tribute bands out there. And I have seen a bunch!”

Wayne E.

“This is a first-class act covering the music of a real class-act. Truly impressive in every possible way.”

Cindy P.

“All I can say is that the entire evening was magical!”

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