I grew up with Linda Ronstadt. Okay, let’s be more accurate and honest: I fell in LOVE with Linda Ronstadt in 1974. I was a geeky high school student, and I won a copy of Heart Like A Wheel on the Wildwood, NJ boardwalk that summer. And I wore that record out! I sang harmony with Linda while driving my dad’s 1970 mint green Chevy Impala. I sang harmony with Linda in my room. I sang harmony with Linda in the shower. I learned every part on that album (remember those?), and several subsequent records as well.

And here I am today, singing those same parts with someone I respect and care about, the awesome Gesenia, who is the only person I’ve known in my lifetime who actually sounds like Linda, and who loves and respects her and her music as much as I do — talk about fate dealing you a straight flush!

It is a joy and a pleasure to be honoring Linda Ronstadt, and playing with wonderful musicians like Gesenia, Bob Leonetti, Jim Cohen, Dave Lenat, Dave Hartl, and Tim Reeder. This is truly the finest band I’ve ever played with, and we are ITCHING to get out and bring you the sounds of my lovely Linda, as we painstakingly create this show.

There are a few — not many — other Ronstadt tribute bands out there. Some of the singers look like her a little, some wear flowers in their hair, etc. But there is NOTHING like this, because it’s THE VOICE that makes the difference. The voice. And here it is.

Can’t wait to see you all out there!

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