What people are saying about Ronstadt Revue on social media...

“Sounds great! … Looking forward to seeing a show!”

“This is incredible!! I definitely want to see this!! I love the composition of ‘You’re No Good’”

“You sound great! Let us know when you are near us.”

“Awesome!! All the best!!”

“Wow; amazing band!”

“That’s a killer band!”

“Killer band! Can’t wait to catch it.”

“WOW! Just WOW!”

“Just fantastic!!!!”

“This is superb! Have to share this!!”

Major cool! Can’t wait to catch a full show.”

“Congrats on this project! Can’t wait for a local venue!!”


“It takes some real versatile players to pull this off and you guys have it handled.”

“Amazing!! I’m very much interested!!”

“Loved watching this! Really exciting!”

“This is perfect. I can’t wait to buy my tickets! Gesenia does have some voice!”

“Loved the video! Can’t wait to see a show. So many great songs!”

“Fabulous!!! So exciting….an amazingly talented group of musicians and the voice of a supreme vocalist… Can’t wait!!!”

“Wonderful Will you be coming to Florida?”

“Wow! What an awesome group of talented singers and musicians. I hope I get the opportunity to see you sometime. Keep us posted of your gigs and keep on rockin’”

“Wow- sounds great! Love Linda Ronstadt and her music. Good luck! When you go on tour, you’ll have to come to Fairfield and play here. It’s a real musical/cultural center.”

“Definitely coming to a show keep me posted”

“I’m in! Can’t wait!”

“Wow!! Sounds great!! Hope I get to see it sometime.”

“Love it!!”

“This is so cool!!!!”

“My three favorite vocalists of all time- Sam Cooke, Roy Orbison, and Linda Ronstadt. Of the three, I only saw her live. Wish this the best!”

“Wow! Sounds great!”

“I’m so excited! Make sure I know your schedule!”

“Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!!!!!!!”

“So cool, can’t wait to see you guys play!!!”